Our Heroes Logo

Hello and welcome to Our Heroes, the emergency services and military-themed clothing store for kids of all ages.

I’m Craig, founder of Our Heroes and a veteran of the British Armed Forces. Nice to meet you!

The idea for Our Heroes developed after trying to find a fun, quirky T-Shirt for a child who’s dad was in the emergency services, but then finding the majority of T-Shirt designs in that niche were bland, boring and unoriginal.

Being an ex-serviceman I know there are loads of proud mums and dads who want to give their children T-Shirts featuring their jobs, but I was shocked at how shoddy most kids T-Shirts look.

The majority of the designs I found on the internet were just variations on the same theme and I soon realised the emergency services and military professions were sorely lacking in original children’s clothes designs.

‘Ok’, I thought at the time, ‘maybe I can put something together and get it printed myself’.

So I did!

The resulting T-Shirt (still available on this store) was so well received I figured I could add a few more designs for other service people, at which point I knew they’d make the basis for a great print-on-demand store.

The Our Heroes brand now features designs for mums and dads who are firemen, policemen, nurses, search and rescue, and many more – all of which are specific to the UK.

After you’ve made your order the printers get to work creating your item using the latest printing technology.

Each soft-feel garment uses OEKO-TEX® certified vegan, eco-friendly ink for the printed design which means you can be assured it doesn’t include toxins, it’s not tested on animals, and it’s totally safe for use on children’s clothing.

I reckon the results are great and I sincerely hope you do too. If you’ve got any questions about the printing process or you’ve got any suggestions for new designs please get in touch via the contact form.

Thank you.

Craig, founder of Our Heroes